Diet for the Lazy

231120163Every woman wants to look slim and fit. But not all women have a good metabolism. Sometimes, in order to lose a few extra kilos, you need a good try (to adjust diet, actively engaged in the gym).

Just what if you really do not want to train? Of course, so to lose weight is a little harder, but very real. Now, there are many diets that are designed for the lazy women. If you follow the clear instructions, you can lose 3 kilos in six months.

1. Milk. From fat milk should be discarded. His choice must be stopped on the low-fat products. If you drink coffee with milk, then add the milk only with low percentage of fat.
2. Breakfast. During breakfast you need to eat one boiled egg. Over a hearty breakfast to cut calories at lunch and in the evening.
3. Lunch and dinner. To begin the meal should be more fatty foods. This will eat smaller portion of the second course.
4. Green tea. Green tea should you drink a lot (up to 5 cups a day).
5. Eating. During the meal, chew food. This will give you a feeling of fullness more quickly and eat less.

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