Diet for Weight Gain

Now many women are trying to lose weight. But why so few can be found on the Council’s advice, how to gain weight. This problem is not uncommon for thin women.

So, a few kilograms can be dialed in order to become more attractive? This topic is now extremely urgent.

1. Doctor. If you are underweight, you should see a doctor. Perhaps the reason for this medical problem (stress, stomach and endocrine diseases). If this is the case, you need to seek treatment, and everything will work out.
2. Eating. To gain weight you need to eat up to 6 times per day. Try to eat more protein foods (meat, fish). It is very useful to eat oatmeal and buckwheat porridge. Be sure to eat fruits and vegetables because they contain in their composition a lot of useful vitamins.
3. Sport. From sports training does not need to give up. Take swimming, fitness, jogging. In general, engaged in that is pleasant.

If everything is done correctly, the weight gain can be in the near future. Good luck!

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