Diet in Hypertension

Now more and more people are facing the problem of increased blood pressure. Most often the cause of this pathology is excess weight, and this is already a consequence of malnutrition.

So, what should be the diet for hypertension?

1. Salt. You need to eat less salt. Salt is the enemy for people who have increased blood pressure. Salt food in moderation.
2. Fat food. It must be said that fatty foods are also a product from which hypertensive patients should be abandoned. Fatty food contributes to the clogging of blood vessels. Choose only lean food (lean meat, fish).
3. Fruits and vegetables. Eat more vegetables and fruits, but they should not be very sweet or sour. Carrots, beets, spinach should be consumed in moderation. Bananas can be eaten safely, because they contain a lot of potassium, which strengthens the heart muscle.
4. Drinks. Coffee, black tea and alcohol are also best excluded from the diet. There is nothing more useful than a glass of water without gas.

As you can see, if you eat right, there will be no health problems.

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