Dining with a Cold

In the autumn-winter period, people often encounter viral infections. They are difficult to protect themselves.

So what should you eat to prevent disease?

I would like to say at once that power must be rational in general. That is, you need to eat meat and fish. Of course, special attention should be given to vegetables and fruits.

1. Citrus. Tangerines, oranges – all this you can safely eat, because they have a lot of vitamin C. This vitamin is perfectly strengthens the immune system.
2. Pomegranate. This is a real storehouse of vitamins. Fruit bright colors perfect for the prevention of colds.
3. Nuts. In the nuts a lot of vitamin E and zinc. Include in your daily diet a few nuts.
4. Fruit drinks and juices. Fresh juices – is the product from which you want to start your morning. It is important to drink it freshly squeezed juice. Juice from the pack has no useful properties.
5. Carrots. Eat more carrots. This colorful vegetable contains in its composition a lot of vitamin and iron. As is known, this product eat with poor vision, but he also copes with viruses and bacteria.

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