Disease or Not?

Everyone should listen to the signals your body. This is due to the fact that every body – is individuality. In this context, lifelong learning should be careful about their health.

Throughout his life, a person may experience symptoms that need to be classified as a disease or a normal physiological state.

So, what are symptoms?

1. WinCE in a dream. Probably each of us woke up on that at the moment of falling asleep shudder. Many people are very afraid of this, and they do not know how to explain it. But do not worry. All understandable. At some point, the brain loses control, and the muscles begin to shrink.
2. Cracking joints. Everyone noticed that can crunch the knee. Until the end, scientists have not yet figured out why this is happening. But most often it is not a dangerous condition, if there is no pain and swelling.
3. Hand shake. A small hand shake every person. But it is not noticeable to the eye. If jitter becomes noticeable, it is already a tremor. Most often it occurs in moments of excitement or inherited. In such a situation it is not necessary to delay the visit to the doctor.

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