Do I Need to Eat Honey Every Day?

Bee honey is always reckoned to maximize beneficial to human health food.

In the honey contains a large amount of digestive enzymes, and enzymes, as contained in the natural honey antioxidants prevent aging. All of this allows us to consider honey superfudom that, in fact, already known by our ancestors who wanted to eat honey every day and at every opportunity.

The antibacterial properties of honey purified unhealthy skin and make honey the best natural cosmetics. The complex sugars of honey – it is far from the beet or cane sugar, support of “empty calories” and which is the source of many of our health troubles. Replacing honey sweet drinks and chocolate may even induce the body to give extra weight.

Yes, honey contains a considerable number of simple sugars, namely – fructose and glucose. However, the unique combination of these sugars in the body induces honey regulate glucose levels in the bloodstream, but also further reduce the concentration of cholesterol and prevent the formation of plaque on the vessel walls.

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