Do not go to the bathroom with gadgets

The toilet is a zone of relaxation for every person. In particular, this is a “cozy” place for men.

It so happened that the overwhelming majority of men like to go to this recreation room with gadgets. Modern people, during the defecation process, can use their smartphone, without any constraint or inner feelings of trouble. Also, in the midst of the moment of the exit from the rectum of human waste, many can write or read messages, play games or use any applications.

Proctologists say that this is an unhealthy trip to the toilet. One of the news portals – Wtop, laid out an article with statistics that 90% of people when they go to the toilet, take a gadget with them. 75% of them use all the possibilities of their device there.

In addition, doctors are confident that in the next 10 years to face different bowel diseases and hemorrhages, as a result of long time on the toilet, from which the pressure in the pelvis increases. Doctors say that it can even cause a cardiac arrest.

Ways to improve metabolism

Human exchange processes are a very important mechanism of the whole body. After all, you could very often meet people with whom they spent a lot of time in the pizzeria and sat down a huge amount of pizza. Overeating is one of the brakes in metabolism. The digestive system does not have time to digest all that has been eaten and the remains of food are in the process of festering. What causes discomfort in the bowel.

However, while you are suffering from a full stomach, your interlocutor has already digested everything in a couple of hours. And he looks like a rather thin person. This is the rapid metabolism.

To accelerate it, you need to get rid of stressful situations, for example, from lack of sleep, problems at work, a lot of time in the gym. Stress causes a feeling of hunger. We always eat. And the food – it turns out not the right one.

Also, you need to drink enough water. Because of its overabundance, the body will constantly get rid of it, thereby increasing the speed of metabolic processes.

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