Do Not Spoil the First Date

The first date is always exciting. I always want to please my companion and make a pleasant impression on him.

That raises quite a fair question – how to behave correctly during the first meeting?

1. Failures. Never speak of your failures. This is not a topic to be discussed. All this is better left in the past.
2. No complaints. You can never complain about life. Everyone should solve their own problems. In addition, the first date is joy and happiness. Do not create problems on such a beautiful day.
3. No boasting. You can never boast. People themselves will see what you have achieved. People who brag about push people away from themselves.
4. The former elected. Never speak ill of your former elect. This is a bad tone. In addition, if at some stage of your life you were with this person, then he can not be bad.
5. Compliments. You never need to do a lot of compliments. Everything should be in moderation.

Good luck!

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