Currently, the street can be increasingly found stray dogs. It seems that the cute dog no harm. But sometimes they have a sense of aggression, and they can attack humans. This is really dangerous.

If your city, there is a shelter, where you can take your dog, then you need to act. Nobody says that you need to kill a dog or something to hurt her. It is best to buy in the store dog deterrent. This is a very good thing for women and children. At the same time, it can help to influence the dog when it poses a real threat to human life.

So, what is the deterrent and how does it work?

Repeller dogs – a small device, which is integrated flashlight and ultrasound. Scientists have found out about a frequency, which affects one of the areas of the dog’s brain. If you turn on the device, then the dog will run away from the man. No harm, it can not cause.

As if there was not, to be always careful to always possible to react in time and protect yourself from the evil dog.

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