Down with summer injuries

Undoubtedly, summer is your favorite season of the year. This season pleases both big and small different seasonal joys and allows you to increase the number of pleasant moments in your life.

But disagree with such flattering reviews about summer traumatologists, explaining their attitude statistics, which indicates an increase in the number of traumatic situations at this time.

And traumatic situations lead to various injuries to the human body. It may be thought that this phenomenon is the lot of children who spend their leisure time actively during the hot season of the year. However, not only the children’s category of the population is exposed to summer injuries. People of all ages, led by summer levity relax at this time and forget about precautions, which inevitably leads to unpleasant consequences. And if for the main category of the population, summer is a season of holidays, then traumatologists do not have to rest, since the sold-out in the corridor of the department of traumatology is a usual seasonal phenomenon. But if traumatologists are ready for such dynamics, then their potential patients do not quite appreciate the degree of summer danger, reduce their vigilance and attention.

Children’s pranks

The children’s summer life is closely connected with constant falls and bruises. Experts say that in the summer the level of child injuries is increased by 30%. Passion for sports entertainment, cycling, roller skates and skateboards does not always give only cheerful emotions. Such pastime can not do without falls, and not all use prefer protective equipment.

The lack of reliable protection leads to injuries to the head, upper and lower extremities.

Experts say that in such cases it is impossible to ignore such unpleasant moments, just as you should not try to start treating trauma on your own. Even a slight visual bruise can have far more serious consequences and lead to serious health problems. Therefore, if the child lost his balance and fell, you need to immediately call the emergency team. In addition, health professionals do not recommend disturbing the victim before the ambulance arrives. Often, falls can be the cause of internal hemorrhage, so you need to wait for a team of doctors in order to be able to assess the situation.

Adult Traumatology

An adult category of the population is also actively visited by the Department of Traumatology. But in this group of people there are mainly dislocations and stretching of the legs. Such injuries occur most often during summer sports activities. Very often, many people prefer to start or resume their sporting experience in the summer, wanting to urgently prepare their body for vacation. Therefore, wishing to achieve operational results, we often do not want to waste time on warm-up before training and hitching. Also, the desire to get a quick effect provokes new sportsmen to overload their body with intensity, which leads to the fact that the body does not stand up and shows us such kinds of injuries as stretching, dislocations and even fractures. In order to protect your body and the long-awaited vacation from loss of efficiency and injury, you need to follow some tips:

– Gradual increase in the load when playing sports. Especially this applies to those people who fall into a hibernation in winter and do nothing, and in summer they squeeze all the juices out of themselves.
– Start training only after a preliminary warm-up. Believe me, this is not just a whim of a coach, but an important stage of any physical activity.
– Any external damage, even minor and minor, must necessarily be washed with hydrogen peroxide or a solution of common salt.
– It is recommended to apply cold to the site of a bruise. This will reduce puffiness. If the swelling does not come off, then you need to see a doctor.
– If there is a suspicion of a dislocation, then you need to fix the injured limb and if possible give her peace.
– If the pain of bruising or stretching is very severe, then drugs should be used for external use that have an anti-inflammatory effect.

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