Down with the Spleen

Soon it will come very. And this means that many people will experience apathy and discouragement. And such moments need to support your body, otherwise you can put yourself in a depressed state.

So, what will help a person cope with the blues?

1. Tea. Drink herbal tea more often. It can be based on lemon balm, mint. These herbs perfectly soothe.
2. Skydiving. Do something brave and crazy. It will help to cheer up. A great way to do this is to jump with a parachute.
3. Nutrition. Proper nutrition will help a person to improve his health and saturate the body with useful substances. Eat berries, fruits, vegetables. These products will only bring a lot of benefits. The mood will be just fine.
4. Movement. Do not sit at home all the time. Move as much as possible and more often. This will help also tune in to the positive.
5. Refusal from bad habits. About bad habits can not go and speeches. They only aggravate the situation. Smoking and drinking alcohol are very harmful to health. Besides, it all makes you sad.

Get rid of bad mood and enjoy life.

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