Dry Skin in Winter

In the cold season the skin needs to be protected much more carefully than in any other period (fall, spring). A cold wind, frost – all this has a negative effect on the skin. The most common problem in the winter – it is dry skin. If you can protect your hands (wear gloves), then to other parts of the body, everything is a bit more complicated.

So where is the dry skin can often manifest itself?

1. The skin under the eyebrows. At this point the skin is extremely sensitive. In order to avoid redness, use a fat cream. Apply it should be every night. You do not need to save.
2. Nose. In winter, many people are concerned rhinitis. As a result of frequent friction under the nose redness may appear. To help the skin, lubricate it with Vaseline. Yet do not forget to use a soft cloth.
3. The corners of the mouth. In winter you can not lick your lips, as this may cause cracks on the lips. This is due to the activation of the microorganisms. In this case, you need to see a doctor to get a prescription for a drug (ointment).

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