Dust Control

Women now almost every day, wipe the dust from the surface. It seems that it is all around us. Cope is not as easy with her, but do not need to go through. All fixable.

So, how to start an active struggle with the dust?

1. Things that rob dust. It is very important to vacate the apartment by the things that absorb all the dust (carpets, soft toys). It is not necessary to collect a lot of statues of small size. They will rob you on a lot of dust, and wash the dust from them is very difficult and troublesome.
2. Cleaning. Every day to do wet cleaning of the apartment. If needed vacuuming.
3. Sponges and aerosols. To purchase special cleaning sponges, which are well collect dust. You can also use various aerosols. Their main feature – repel dust from surfaces.

Lovely woman, dust itself is not dangerous. But it can begin to live a variety of parasites (mites). Do not expose your family in danger, often remove and ventilate the apartment! We wish you all the luck of the uphill struggle!

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