Dyeing Hair at Home

011220166Every woman wants to be beautiful and caring for themselves. Undoubtedly, it is always better to seek professional help to all cosmetic procedures were performed correctly. But sometimes I want to save a little. In this regard, a woman decides to dye your hair at home.

So, how to dye your hair without a professional hairdresser?

1. The radical color change. If you’re on the nature of the brunette, the blonde be without the help of the wizard is unlikely to succeed. In this case, you must have some knowledge and skill. If you do something wrong, then there is every chance to stay with no hair on his head.
2. The oxidant. It is very important to choose the correct oxidant. The more his percentage, the higher the probability that the hair will become lighter. If you want only to refresh the natural color, then you need to buy paint without ammonia.
3. The condition of the hair. Before staining, it is necessary to determine the condition of hair. If your hair is relaxed, the cardinal change of the image should be abandoned.
4. Hormones. During menstruation is not recommended to paint the hair.
5. Wash hair. If you wash your hair every day, from this at some time will have to give. For 3-4 days before painting it is better not to wash your hair.

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