Early Signs of Liver Damage

The liver is a very important organ in the human body. It is best to take care of her health from a young age. It is responsible for removing toxins and all harmful substances from the body. In other words, Zevs Eesti it is involved in the purification of blood. It is equally important that the liver contributes to the digestion of food and helps the body cope with infections. If you do not care about the condition of this body, then numerous health problems can begin. Under the influence of negative factors, indiscriminate intake of medicines, her work can be severely impaired. Despite the fact that the liver is an internal organ, many symptoms can show themselves outside.

What Indicates a Problem with the Liver?

1. Yellowing of the skin. If the liver can not work properly, then bilirubin begins to accumulate in the blood. It is this toxic substance that causes the yellowing of the sclera and skin. If bilirubin rises to critical points, then jaundice occurs. The most severe liver diseases are hepatitis, cancer. Most often they arise because of alcoholism.

2. Change the color of the selections. Urine and feces can change color. Urine acquires a darker shade, Zevs España and the feces become light. This is a clear sign that there are problems with the liver.

3. Itching. Due to the fact that toxins are not eliminated, but remain in the body, there is often a strong itching of the skin. Itching can affect the entire surface of the body. Some places are very scrubbed.

4. Hemorrhages. The liver is involved in such an important matter as blood coagulability. When it starts to malfunction, it has no way to support this function anymore. And this can lead to hemorrhages and bruises. Pay attention to such an important symptom.

5. Edema. When the liver does not have enough strength to cope with its basic work, a person may have Zevs Ελλάδα swelling. Most often they are localized in the abdominal cavity and legs. It seems that the belly is growing before our eyes. And it also reminds the belly of a pregnant woman.

6. Weakness and fatigue. Very often, many people note weakness. Sometimes there is simply no strength to get out of bed. It seems that impotence will never leave.

How to Protect your Liver?

I want to start with the fact that the liver really does not like alcoholic beverages. They lead to the fact that her cells die. Alcohol is a true poison that leads not only to liver pathologies, but also to other organs (pancreas, stomach, brain). From the use of alcohol must be abandoned once and for all. Only in this way it will be possible to keep your liver in excellent condition.

Do not forget that any use of medicines has a bad effect, primarily on the health of the liver. If you think logically, Zevs Hrvatska then it is she who should take all the bad substances out of the body. If taking medications is uncontrolled, the liver will not be able to cope with its task for a long time. Sooner or later there will be a failure.

As for proper nutrition, this is only welcome. Boiled foods are always easier to digest the body. Unfortunately, this can not be said about fried foods. It’s the liver that “does not like” fried. Such dishes are difficult to digest. However, if you eat these or other products without abusing them, then no one bans from time to time regale a portion of chips. Just want to note that the potato must be fried at home. About dishes from fast food can not go and speeches. Accustom yourself and your body to home food. Such food is useful and nutritious. It contains a minimum of harmful substances. Take care of your Zevs Lietuva health. Take care of the liver.

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