Eat and Grow Thin

211120161Every woman aspires to perfection: the perfect figure, beautiful hair and makeup. If a hair and make-up is no problem, then there are some forms of difficulties. Many women, in fact, is not so easy to lose weight.

In this case, you can not despair. The problem of excess weight handle – can be. Believe me, it is possible to eat tasty and lose weight.

1. Apples and pears. These fruits are perfect for a snack. Avoid chips and rolls. Fruit – it is exactly what you need to lose weight.
2. Fig. Figs can be eaten alone or added to the muesli.
3. Peanuts. With the help of peanuts can not only satisfy hunger, but also speed up the metabolism. Significantly, by means of nuts can reduce cholesterol levels in the body.
4. Mushrooms and beans. During the diet you need to give up eating meat. Just do not torture your body hunger. Instead of meat, you can always eat mushrooms that make up the deficit of essential vitamins and minerals. It should be noted that in the diet in the diet to include legumes, since they contain as much protein.
5. Juices. Drink plenty of fresh juices. The body has to be saturated with vitamins.

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