Eat Less!

Food – this is without which no one can live. However, now more and more people consume far more food than they need. And this leads to numerous problems with health and obesity.

So how can you force yourself to eat less?

1. Photo on the refrigerator. Glue a photo of the full person to the refrigerator. It will always stop you before you eat another piece of cake or something delicious.
2. Portions. Try to reduce your portions. To do this, you need to replace the dishes that you are accustomed to use to the nursery. It will be difficult to put a lot of food into a small plate.
3. The diary. Keep a diary. Write down everything that you eat in it. In the future, you can do the analysis, and fix all the errors.
4. TV. Never eat in front of the TV. This is a bad habit, which is guaranteed to lead to overeating.
5. For the company. Never sit at the table, if there is no feeling of hunger. Do not sit down to eat “for the company.”

Eat right, so that the weight is always within the norm.

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