“Eating” Trouble!

Many people are used to “seize” stress. This means that if something bad has happened in life, then you must certainly eat a huge piece of cake and a large portion of ice cream. Only at such times no one thinks that such food does not have the best effect on the figure. Most often the weight begins to grow inexorably. And this always upsets women.

So, let’s learn how to properly “eating” our troubles?

I must say that during stress, you always want a sweet tooth. This is explained simply. After using it, a person feels moral satisfaction and the problem no longer seems so serious. But sweet sweets and cakes can always be replaced.

1. Dried fruits. Eat more dried fruits. They contain natural sugars, which will not have a detrimental effect on the figure.
2. Fruits. In the warm season it is always better to eat fresh fruit. Choose those fruits that are relevant for your area and season.
3. Honey. Add honey to your diet. This is a very useful and very sweet product. If you start eating it, there simply will not be room for sweets.

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