Emergency Contraception

Sometimes a woman can not resist the impulse of passion. At this point, the brain shuts down completely. Insight comes much later.

So, what do you do if during sexual intercourse with a partner you are not protected. To give birth at the moment you do not plan. What can be done in the first hours after the close that pregnancy has not occurred?

So, once we note that the aid can always come to emergency contraception drugs. But they need to be taken only after consulting a doctor. Tablets are quite effective if you take them in the first 72 hours after intercourse. But one should always remember that any drug has contraindications.

So what are the contraindications of drugs for emergency contraception?

1. Pregnancy.
2. Epilepsy.
3. Heart disease.
4. Cancer.
5. Migraine.

These are the main contraindications. But we should not forget about the side effects that may occur after ingestion.

1. Problems with the visual system.
2. Numbness of hands.
3. Shortness of breath.
4. Bleeding.
5. The swelling of the mammary glands.

Lovely woman, it is always better to prevent pregnancy, rather than get rid of it! Be reasonable!

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