Enlarged Pores on the Face

Meet the woman with normal and healthy skin – a great rarity. And this is due not to the fact that women do not want to care for themselves. The thing to another. The negative environmental factors, bad heredity – all of this has a negative effect on the skin.

More and more women are faced with such a problem as the enlarged pores on the face. It does not look very nice. Most often, these women oily skin, and it is seen very deep pores (usually black).

So how can you deal with the problem?

1. Cold water. Every morning, you need to wash with cold water. This will reduce the oiliness of the skin and pores slightly narrowed.
2. Tonic. You should always use the toner after washing.
3. Cream. Cream should be chosen with a minimum fat content. In cosmetic products should be light texture.
4. Exfoliate. This is a very important procedure for this type of skin. After her skin is smooth and silky. Cleansers best to choose on the basis of acids (lactic acid, salicylic).

As you can see, skin care with dilated pores is very simple.

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