Equipment Washing Correctly

Everyone woke up after going to the bathroom where you need to spend the morning treatments: washing, brushing your teeth.
It seems that nothing in the procedure for washing complicated. But this is not the case. You need to know the technique of its implementation, because many women do not even hear about it.

It is important never to wash do not use soap. It will be very dry skin.

Caring for the skin to properly and carefully. If everything is done correctly, then in adulthood, the skin will look amazing.

So, as you already understood, the use of soap is not necessary. For washing it is best to choose a gel or mousse. It is very important to choose it correctly, according to your skin type.

Water and tap water is best not to wash because of the huge chlorine in it. Purchase not carbonated water for washing. It can add decoctions of herbs (chamomile, calendula, tutsan). If it is possible to purchase the water is not, then it can be boiled and defend. For some, it may seem troublesome, but the result is simply delicious!

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