Errors in Contraception

Currently, medicine and pharmacy are working for the benefit of women. This shows that they care about how to prevent an unwanted pregnancy than in the future to have an abortion. Now there are many reliable methods of contraception. But women and men is still often come up with their own methods of contraception, which very often are not reliable.

So, what are the most common errors?

1. Breastfeeding. Many women find that during lactation can not be pregnant. But this is not the case. Look at how many children with a small age difference.
2. Coitus interruptus. If a couple is practicing coitus interruptus, it does not guarantee that the pregnancy does not occur. The ejaculate can be allocated before orgasm.
3. Shower. If women after sexual intercourse to take a shower or go to the toilet, it will not stop the sperm, which tend to the egg.

Lovely woman, choose a reliable and proven methods of contraception (condoms, candles).

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