Errors in Feeding Baby

Every parent wants his child ate well. Sometimes parents are happy, the baby wants to eat a hot dog. But should rejoice at this moment, really?

I must say that kids are eating properly. They prefer to eat is not entirely healthy products.

So, from what products should be discarded children?

1. Fast Food Soup. In such foods no nutrients to the body. Only much salt and various additives, which in the future may lead to diseases of the stomach. The best way to eat soup at home. It will be much tastier and healthier.
2. Spaghetti. By themselves, spaghetti are not harm child’s body. Only need to correctly and choose. Prefer wholemeal pasta. Moreover, adding ketchup discard them. There is nothing more useful olive oil.
3. Fish sticks. This product contains a very small fish. Most of the product consists of starch and flour. It is best to cook the fish yourself.

Once again I want to remind you about your baby’s health to take care from an early age.

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