Errors when Applying Makeup of a Mature Woman

0812201610Everybody knows that the make-up of a young and a mature woman should be different. This is due to the fact that at a young age, you can afford a more bold and bright makeup. In adulthood, to give it up best, as it can play a cruel joke. Why allow yourself extra years?

So, it does not need to be painted an adult woman? Let us give a few simple tips.

1. Basis. If you put a lot of bases on the face, then it is wrong. So you immediately begins to look a few years older. It is best to choose a thin coating, which will also be added to provide skin hydration or nutrition.
2. Eyeliner and mascara. You should not use eyeliner on the upper and lower eyelid. It will only accentuate dark circles under the eyes. Enough to make up the eyelashes, and you’ll be fine.
3. Lipstick and shadows. Always use a soft and natural shades. This rule applies to the eyeshadow.
4. Blush. Blush should be applied only to the cheekbones. Remember this simple rule for life.

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