Eternal Youth

051220167Every woman wants to be a ripe old age of a beautiful woman, on which men pay attention. Just to achieve this, you need to make at least a minimum of effort. A woman will never be beautiful, if it will be bad habits (smoking, drinking).

So, how to keep the youth to old age?

1. Power. If you do not, then we dare to inform you that from the table always have to get up a little bit hungry. It is very important to eat less sweet. Most often, the extra weight – it’s excessive consumption of sweets. At night, be sure to drink a glass of yogurt. This will promote good digestion morning.
2. Sleep. Less TV, but good night’s sleep. I need to sleep about 8 hours a day. Do not forget how important it is to walk before bedtime.
3. Makeup. Emphasize the beauty of the need. Only make-up should be easy, because the excessive application of cosmetics, gives extra years.
4. Skin Care. First of all, the skin needs to be healthy. It must be elastic, velvety and supple.

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