Currently very popular are various essential oils. They can be used for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. One of such oils can include oil of eucalyptus. This product has unique properties.

So how can you use eucalyptus?

1. Infusion. Infusion of the plant can be used as an antiseptic. Most often it is used in diseases of the throat (as a rinse) and abrasions.
2. Oil. Eucalyptus oil can be added to the water before taking a bath. For colds, you can pour the oil in the aroma lamp. The smell is just excellent. But with most viruses can not survive. In the combination and dry skin as there is no better tool than the oil of eucalyptus. Add to your favorite cream. When acne and oil come to the rescue.
3. Inhalation. Eucalyptus leaves are often a part of many medications that can be used for inhalation. Bronchitis – it means number one.

Be healthy and not get sick!

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