Exceptions Before Childbirth

When the term of childbirth is getting closer, the woman is afraid of it, and very much yearns for this moment at the same time. The thing is, the time of meeting with the baby decreases every day. How do you want to press his tiny body to yourself, hug and kiss. But on the other hand, the very process of childbirth very much frightens the expectant mother. In such a situation, it is best to believe in good and tune in to positive. Let’s see in an exciting and interesting question?

What is best not to do before giving birth?

1. Eat for two. All women are sure that during pregnancy you need to eat for two. It seems that before giving birth, you need to eat as much as possible, because during breastfeeding most foods are banned Eternol USA. However, overeating badly affects the health of women. It can cause numerous pathologies on the part of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, many foods can cause an allergic reaction. In other words, pregnancy is not a time for experiments. Adhere to a balanced and balanced diet.
2. Read the terrible stories before giving birth. The closer the term of childbirth, the more actively a woman begins to study information about this. Most often, the most negative information will be deposited in your head Awaderm Face France. And it can badly affect the inner mood of a woman. In this period it is better to watch as many films as possible in love. Set yourself up for joy and future happiness. Remember, few people share positive experience. But there are always more negative stories, because people are looking for empathy.
3. Go to the doctor every day. Women are prone to panic Awaderm Face EspaƱa. At the end of the pregnancy, they will constantly feel that something is going wrong. They are ready to go to ultrasound 10 times a day and consult a variety of doctors. At the same time, that most often with the child everything is fine, it’s quite problematic to calm down. Try to relax. Stress will only exacerbate the situation. Undoubtedly, there are symptoms that should alert a woman: a sharp pain in the abdomen, bloody discharge, active or vice versa, the child’s rare movements. In such cases, consult a doctor immediately.
4. Actively train. It is Awaderm Face Italia not necessary to take an example from the leading and famous athletes who with a belly of impressive size can stand on their heads. Each organism is individual, so you should not repeat their exploits. Much more reasonable, more time to spend in the fresh air, slowly strolling. Such pastime will bring twice as much benefit. Remember, if you decide to train, then you can do this only with the permission of the doctor and the load should be easy.
5. Do hard physical work. Heavy physical work is contraindicated in pregnant women, especially in later periods. It is not necessary to run up the stairs, carry out grandiose general cleaning, exercise too much, carry weights. The child must be born according to the established deadline, so that everything is in order with him.
6. Bad sleep. Lack of sleep is one of the most common mistakes of pregnant women. It is necessary to get enough sleep regularly, especially to future mothers. Go to bed not very late, around 22.00 Awaderm Face Deutschland. If you do not sleep well at night, be sure to go to bed during the day. Remember, you must meet with the baby in a good mood and good spirits. Mom should be calm and peaceful.

Wait for a meeting with the baby

Dear women, the birth of a child is the most important and significant event in life. Do not be overshadowed by his bad and negative thoughts. Enjoy every day of pregnancy and a big tummy, because this time is really magical!

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