Exercises to maximize muscle mass

When you first come to the gym and see a lot of mathots, athletes or just beautiful and sexy girls, a mistaken opinion is often formed in your head that it is to you in all of this that in life you can not reach and reach such heights.

Instantly try to drive away such thoughts so that they do not overshadow your mind.

Otherwise, there will be no benefit from the training process at all. It is very important to set yourself up positively that it is for this purpose that you started attending the gym in order to become as strong, beautiful or sexy, in case you are a woman.

Only before the start of the training process is important to set a goal, and also to tell yourself that now you must have a rigid schedule of nutrition, proper sleep, as well as a stable regime.

It is also important to understand that you will have to give up some of your favorite foods, for example, from a large abundance of sweet or fried potatoes. And only then you can start your constant training and start a new path to the transformation of the body.

How correctly to be engaged?

Very often a beginner sportsman in a gym begins to train chaotically. He sees what other sportsmen are doing and repeats after them. But it can perform the exercise poorly, incorrectly, which does not give a special result, even during a year of training. It is also important to note that it will take and sleep a lot, at least 8 hours a day. Because the muscles grow during sleep. So, as soon as you are in the hall, do not look much at other people. You’re here to get results, are not you? Always start your workout with a warm-up. Ideal if it’s an easy run. Only the duration of it should not be as if it were an evening run, so that the body is not tired. After jogging it is important to stretch your muscles, stretch and prepare them for the load.

From the point of view of the body it looks like this: an easy run increases blood circulation, due to faster heart contractions, which leads the veins into a more extended state. In addition, the capillary system also becomes more efficient, reducing injuries to a minimum.

So, as soon as an athlete starts performing power exercises, the body is already prepared for power loads.

The muscles are supplied with all the necessary elements: proteins, carbohydrates and other substances that give a lot of energy during the training. Therefore, warming up is 30% of the success of muscle growth. Since in the hall you just started to train, then it is important to understand that the most basic exercises for you will be most important. These include: squats, deadlifts or deadlifts, a barbell bench presses from the chest, and you can also turn on the bar of standing. Naturally, curious people will immediately say, but what about exercises, all beloved for the hands, that is for the biceps or biceps? Immediately answer that this exercise is not basic, so it will not be very effective, if you think so, and the bicep from it will not grow as quickly as possible. Moreover, in the first times of the initial training in the hall, and this may be the next 3-6 months, it is best to perform the basic exercises.

Basic exercises – the path to success

So, the basic exercises are squats, deadlifts and chest presses lying down. The advantages of these exercises is that each of them covers a lot of muscle groups, with large muscles. So in them there will be a lot of blood, useful substances, and metabolic processes of the body, will work very effectively. In addition, squat with a bar – this is the best exercise for training your feet. And if your legs grow, that is, you train, your hormonal system will work very actively and efficiently. It is noted that a person who constantly crouches and does not perform exercises for training the muscles of the hands, gradually adds to their volume, and not the fatty ass, but the muscle mass.

Also increases the strength of the hands. Therefore squats are a very important training moment, when you need to create for your body the maximum leap in the growth of muscle mass.

Every time after squatting, the activity of growth hormone progresses very much, and therefore the whole body will grow. Deadlift is also an excellent form of exercise. With it, a strong corset of the entire back is formed. But it must be done carefully with a safety belt, so as not to damage your spine. And complement the basic exercises – this bench press lying. With it, he trains all the pectoral muscles, partially the biceps and shoulder, and also the triceps. Therefore, this basic exercise is enough to prepare the hands for further work.

When you perform these three important exercises, in the next three months you will be able to notice by your body, its great deformation.

In the abdomen, the body will be tightened, the leg will be more massive, the back will become wider, and the chest will be rounder. This will be the first important steps in order to get a powerful and large torso, after which it will be possible to engage in jewelry work, adjusting each muscle to the state of the ideal body. And only after a while you will begin to understand what exactly is missing for you to increase this or that muscle, and also remember for ever that the basic exercises are the most effective, both for strength and for the masses.

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