Extend Life

100 years – it seems that such an age would be ideal for every person. If you talk with people of advanced age, they all will unanimously respond that they want to live forever. This once again proves that life is very beautiful in all its manifestations.

So, what do you need to do to extend it?

1. Quit smoking. To life was long and bright, you need to give up smoking. Smoking badly affects the health status in general.
2. Nutrition. Once again, we say that proper nutrition plays an important role for every person. It is necessary to eat more fresh vegetables and greens. As for cooking, it is best to boil it. Do not forget to eat cereals regularly. They contain many useful substances.
3. Sports. Continually go in for sports. Spin it to your children from a young age.
4. Stress. If possible, avoid stress. He takes a man a lot of strength and positive energy.

Dear our subscribers, we always need to remember a simple saying: “In a healthy body – a healthy mind.”

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