Extend the Life of Caring for Grandchildren

An international team of scientists conducted an interesting experiment. More than half a thousand elderly people in Germany and Sweden, have been involved in the event.

The age of participants ranged from 70 to 103 years.

Test organizers paid attention to those grandparents who look after their grandchildren is not constant. Experts have found out during the experiment how often childless people engaged. Solid age for volunteers discovered interesting facts. Half of the pensioners often communicate with their children after a decade long as all of the start of the program. The other half do not attend to grandchildren left this world.

Interesting results emerged in relation to the childless elderly. Those who cared and helped others stayed about 7 years remaining, not to take care of the other 4 years.

Interesting Facts: Installed 5 fruits that balance cholesterol. Experts say that if not constant care of grandchildren and other people has a positive effect on health. Frequent, ongoing care negatively affects their health and mental state. It is also proved that communication help the child to learn it faster, it imparts practical skills. It promotes the development of independence.

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