Extending Youth

Every woman wants to be attractive even in 50 years. Although we should not forget about men. Among men, you can also find many who want to be attractive in adulthood.

But as it is possible to extend this same youth? Now scientists from different countries put forward a lot of different versions.

1. Apple. You can not live a day and do not eat one apple. It contains a lot of nutrients.
2. Red meat. The amount of red meat consumption should be minimized.
3. Water. Drinking water is a must. Desirably about 2 liters per day.
4. Care. It is important to provide proper care of their skin. It should be every day to take care of her. This means that you need every day to moisturize it. Dry skin is aging faster always due to lack of moisture. An excellent tool for humidification can serve as extra virgin olive oil. As for food, it is best to use this vitamin E. It can be added to your favorite cream. As for the purification, it is best to scrub their own cooking. The coffee can be used as hard particles.

To keep youth in the years to come, you need to make not much effort.

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