Eyelash Extensions

181120163Every woman is to strive for excellence. Especially, now more and more women are popular, which “made their own way.” In other words, they have all the artificial and unnatural.

Unfortunately, the natural beauty is losing relevance. Men are like most dolls with silicone lips and extended eyelashes. Women have to make many sacrifices in order to draw attention to themselves.

Today will be the topic of conversation – eyelash. In this issue you need to deal in detail, because more women are resorting to the procedure. Immediately I must say that eyelash is not always safe, and can lead to serious health problems. But few people think about it. For the beauty of women ready to go all out.

Still, what could be the problem after eyelash?

Very often, women may encounter such a problem, as an allergic reaction. In addition, the state of the eyelashes themselves very much worse. They become even more rare and starts to fall.

In short, the choice is yours, dear women!

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