Facial Scrub

Everyone, young and old, know that the skin needs to be purified. The skin needs to breathe, but it needs to be applied regularly scrub.

Currently, the market offers a huge number of scrubs. However, it can always be made at home. In this case the effect and the result will not be worse.

So give a few recipes for scrubs at home.

1. Coffee. For the preparation of a scrub is required grind coffee and cream. The two ingredients should be thoroughly mixed. After that, applied to the skin. This skin will not only cleansing, but also gain a beautiful shade. This scrub is suitable for all skin types.
2. The shell nuts. Nut shell to grind and mix with baby cream. This scrub can not be used for sensitive and dry skin. But for oily skin – it will be the ideal tool.

From all this, we must conclude that the scrub must be chosen depending on skin type. It is important to remember not to cause skin irreparable harm.

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