Fashionable Jewelry 2018

Every modern woman will somehow follow the novelties and the development of fashion trends, especially when it comes to accessories.

And what is the main accessory for a woman? The answer, I think, should be known to every man – this, of course, jewelry. To date, the range of jewelry is quite wide.

These are jewelry made of expensive metals (such as gold, platinum, silver), expensive stones (turquoise, amethyst, topaz, sapphire, corundums), and even ordinary but very high-quality costume jewelry from famous designers. In addition to emphasizing your refined taste and personality, any jewelry is the best and most desired gift.

Who can remain indifferent after seeing in front of him a chic necklace in a set with the same bracelet, or miniature and very delicate earrings with the same original ringlet, or an exquisite choker with a delicate and very harmonious stone peeling in a beautiful cut.

And if we are talking about the offer of the hand and heart, then the ring with a tender pebble, or even with a few pebbles, wants to see every girl on her finger.

Pendants, bracelets and earrings 2018

To complement your image with a beautiful decoration, remember that you should not wear all your arsenal at once. Take a closer look at your current image and make the choice you need. Properly selected jewelry will not only complement your style, but will also give confidence in your irresistibility. This season is very fashionable addition of the image are chokers – necklaces, made thanks to the interlacing of several chains, the main addition to which is a competently crafted precious stone, for example sapphire, elegantly adorn your neck and collarbones, and will be a perfect complement to the evening dress, and if you wear such a the same inlaid sapphire bracelet, you will be the queen of the evening. If you need a choker as an addition to the everyday or working style, give preference to the choker in the form of a thin chain, just like a line, with the original gentle stone in the center, and the same thin bracelet with small stones will fit in the kit.

In the choice of fashion bracelets in 2018, the main thing to remember is that the decoration should be either powerful and self-sufficient, or gentle and original. Earrings are also one of the most prominent decorations of the season.

The assortment of them is impressive, but you need to choose them no less competently than other jewelry. Thanks to the inlaid with their noble stones, you can very successfully emphasize your eye color with this accessory. This season, preference is given to long earrings, as well as earrings – cuffs, with which you can emphasize the tenderness and refinement of your image, or on the contrary, stand out for your bright style, everything depends on the model and the inlay of the decoration.

And how to decorate hair and hands?

With the decoration for the hands, you also will not have any questions. The assortment of rings is impressive! If you like massive rings, then you can safely try on yourself double rings decorated with bright stones, or usual classical, but high rings that perfectly fit in addition to the business image. Very popular are rings on a thin base in the form of gold or silver inlaid with a huge stone, such as aventurine, or turquoise, in the center. If you prefer an elegant and gentle style, then the boundaries of your choice are immeasurable. From thin miniature rings to tall, but no less gentle “American women” decorated with stones.

Also in this season it is fashionable to arrange several thin rings on one finger, which looks quite original. To decorate your hair, you will also find a huge number of hairpins, tiaras, a diadem and invisible with inlaid delicate and massive jewelry stones. If you are going to a social event, an excellent addition to your hair will be a gentle tiara, decorated with small stones, or an original hairpin in the form of a leaf, inlaid with pink quartz. As we see the assortment of jewelry is so wide that no one can remain on the side. The main thing is to learn how to combine selected jewelry, and this will help you create your irresistible individual image!

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