Fashionable plastic in clothes

In 2018, it becomes fashionable that it would seem that even it should not attract attention.

So, besides sports trousers with stripes and straw hats, things were covered with plastic or polyethylene tops.

Designers have relied on the fact that the rain can be covered not only under waterproof fabrics, which are quite expensive in their production, but also under plastic coating. Thus, all the newest and fancy things are now covered with a cellophane bag or a harder plastic, similar to an oilcloth. After all, it is very profitable in production, so it is not too expensive, and also quite applicable, as a new trend of the whole brand. So, it is worth considering in more detail those proposals that designers considered innovative and actively promoted into our lives.

The directions of plastic fashion

1) Hats. In order not to carry an umbrella with them, the organizers of the fashion week decided to give out all the ultra-modern plastic hats, which were more attractive to the rain than any umbrella. So you should always be very careful before you say something to things that you do not like. It is possible that they are now the most fashionable.
2) Boots. Transparent shoes have not surprised anyone for a long time, but if it is made of soft plastic, it becomes a real breakthrough in the fashion world. Therefore, in order to more wet your feet during an unexpected rain, you should choose only plastic boots that will help you to escape moisture and at the same time look very modern.
3) Cloak. Elegant transparent cloak, made of plastic and decorated with sequins, will be an excellent addition to any girl’s wardrobe. It can be worn on any clothing and at the same time look very original and stylish. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that all the seams that exist to connect the details of clothing are glued with a special invisible glue that does not allow water to pass through even the smallest holes from the needle. Therefore, you do not have to worry that your outfit under such a cloak will get wet or spoil. Some, the most extravagant ladies, already allowed themselves to pass through the streets of Paris in their underwear and this transparent cloak, than they could prove that not a single drop had leaked onto their semi-nude body.
4) Shoes. Even the designers have managed to dress up the shoes in clear plastic so that they do not get wet during the rain. Of course, the appearance of such shoes remains for the amateur, but when the situation becomes desperate, then you stop paying attention to such trifles, style of shoes. Although this year even the most ugly plastic shoes will become the trend of the season and create your image for the whole day. So do not be shy and try on such shoes, and in case of sympathy for them, wear with pleasure.

What else is fashionable this summer?

Some fashionistas of the summer of 2018 began to look towards new collections of swimsuits, which were also presented at the fashion week in Paris. Most of those who were present at this time at the ceremony, are convinced that such a breakthrough in the fashion world of swimwear has long been absent.

Some designers have tried to return to the whole image, which allows you to hide all the shortcomings on the body of a woman and thereby give her some elegance. After all, that mystery in a woman, which has long been lost, needs to be renewed its relevance.

Many representatives of the fair sex of mankind already appreciated this idea and began to promote it on the most famous beaches of the world. Therefore, if you have a piece-work swimsuit that you wore a few years ago and did not throw away, you can safely go out to the beach again this year, adding only a few new accessories yourself. In addition to swimsuits, straw hats have also undergone changes, which have received longer fields, and have also been decorated with beautiful wide ribbons. In order not to look old-fashioned or tasteless, you should try to make sure that all your outfits, even if you got them out of the distant closet, certainly looked like what they wore at the fashion week in Paris.