Fear of Old Age

081220169Women are afraid of old age more than men. This is due to the fact that the woman is afraid to be ugly and useless. Although none of this man, too, is not immune.

Let’s look in more detail – what actually afraid of women in old age?

1. Appearance. If a young man you were beautiful, the old things can change dramatically. Women are well aware, so try to cheat nature. Some are not even afraid to go under the surgeon’s knife.
2. Loneliness. No one wants to meet old age alone. For loneliness – this is one of the most terrible of punishments.
3. Poverty. Financial distress in old age – this is from one of fear.
4. Diseases. Everyone is afraid that there may be health problems. Everyone knows that the longer a person is sick in old age.
5. Helplessness. No one on earth wants to be a burden to his family.

Of course, can still many reasons why people do not want to grow old. But it’s probably the most common.

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