Female Vitamin

Everyone knows that there are a lot of vitamins. All of them are useful for humans. However, few people know that there is a women’s vitamin. His name – vitamin B6.

It is worth noting that women are more likely to suffer from a lack of this vitamin than men. Scientists difficult to explain why this is so.

Also do not forget the fact that people who smoke and drink alcohol more likely to experience a lack of vitamin B6. This is due to the rapid depletion of it in the body. Lack of vitamin appears as follows: diathesis, dermatitis, disorder of brain function disorders of the nervous system.

So, what is the role vitamin in orgasm?

Primarily, it is involved in energy production and is involved in tissue respiration. As for the female body, the vitamin B6 – supports the balance of sex hormones and cancer prevention has (some species).

The daily requirement for vitamin 1.5-3 mg. The figure is significantly different, since it depends on the condition of the person (antibiotics, pregnancy, heart disease, stress).

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