Fighting Depression

No one in the world is not immune to depression. This is a condition when a person does not know how to live on. The reasons for such a state can be mass (dismissal, separation from a loved one).

As if there was not, to live on. Do not let yourself be discouraged.

So how can you get rid of bad thoughts?

1. Light. Never turn off all the light in the room. Darkness always catches up with fear and anguish.
2. Walk. Try to go out more often on the street. Preference is given to those places where more people.
3. Rest. Try to relax and unwind. Take that brings joy before (hike to a beauty salon or shopping).
4. No alcohol. I do not think that with the help of spirits, we can get out of depression. On the contrary, this method will only aggravate the situation.
5. Color. Try to surround yourself with bright colors bright towel in the bathroom, more bright fruit on a table).
6. Massage. Sign up for a massage. This is an ideal procedure to get out of the doldrums.

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