Fighting Insomnia

Now every second person is faced with insomnia. The problem is becoming more serious.

If a person does not get enough sleep, then he may have serious health problems. But this is better not to allow.

So, how can you quickly cope with insomnia?

1. Nervous tension. If you are increasingly experiencing nervous tension, you need to understand the reason for its appearance. Once you do this, it will become much easier. Very often bad thoughts do not allow a person to fall asleep.
2. Massage. After work, try to relax. The ideal way to relax is massage. Sign up for a massage therapist to restore your health. Course – 10 sessions.
3. Tea. In the evening you can drink a glass of soothing tea. For this, you can take balm and mint in equal proportions.
4. Fresh air. Before going to bed, always ventilate the room. The air in the room should be fresh and cool. Do not forget to take a walk in the park before going to bed. This will also help to fall asleep more quickly.

Always remember that sleep should be full. The duration of sleep should be at least 8 hours.

Sleep on your health!

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