Fighting of Cellulite

Now more and more women are embarrassed to go to the beach because their buttocks not quite perfect. Of course, all guessed that we’ll discuss the “orange peel” or cellulite.

A huge number of women face this problem. At what age it is absolutely irrelevant. Another aspect – cellulite occurs with equal frequency in obese and thin women. Most often it occurs because of the hormone estrogen. Although many men as can be seen on the buttocks of cellulite.

But you can not do nothing. We must fight. So how can you resist the cellulite?

1. Lifestyle. The cause of cellulite – it is bad food. As soon as possible and that a person eats a lot of products that contain preservatives. By the same women who move a little also facing this problem.
2. Prevention. To counteract cellulite, it is necessary to adjust the diet, exercise and a massage. All procedures are best carried out comprehensively. Nothing can not be excluded or to miss.

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