Finally found a way to cure dementia

If a person’s work activity is related to brain activity, he most likely will not know what dementia is in his life.

After all, senile dementia manifests itself in ninety percent of the population of our planet. Scientists were able to find the cause of the development of this disease and to establish, in what way, it will be possible to achieve positive changes.

It turns out that due to the lack of sufficient blood supply, the brain cells lose their activity and after a while completely dry out, which leads to dementia.

But if in the course of life to constantly strain your brain and strive to ensure that his work was as active as possible, you can achieve that even in the old age a person will have an incredible memory and a good analytical mind. Quite frankly, if you do not lazy your whole life for life, it’s closer to old age, already it will not allow a person to get sick and lead a low-activity lifestyle.

How to treat dementia?

Thanks to experiments conducted on laboratory mice, scientists have found a unique way to influence ultrasonic waves on the brain. After such a colossal discovery, scientists hope that it can substantially reverse the understanding of dementia as an irreversible process. After all, after ultrasonic waves in the brain, genes that are responsible for the development of blood vessels are activated.

Thus, after a few months, the mice began to see greater activity of the brain due to the fact that the blood vessels began to actively spread throughout the brain and saturate it with oxygen, which in turn affected the development of new cells, instead of those that dried out.

Therefore, if scientists manage to test their theory on a person, it will be possible to say that at last a world-scale discovery has appeared that will help people around the globe, without requiring a colossal monetary procedure. After all, it is so important that everything that is invented for a person, was available to everyone, regardless of its financial situation.

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