First-Aid Kit on Holiday

Everyone is looking forward to vacation. This is the time when you can relax and gather strength. But do not forget that health can always be a problem. In this regard, on vacation always necessary to take medicines.

So what should you put in a first-aid kit?

1. From motion sickness. You always have to put in the medicine cabinet means of motion sickness. Especially if the child goes with you.
2. Fever. From an elevated temperature is always necessary to take an antipyretic.
3. From the burns. Many people can get burned in the sun. To relieve pain and speed healing, in the medicine cabinet should always be a remedy for burns.
4. From the cuts. If a cut or wound, you should always use the bandages. You can use a bandage or plaster.
5. Antiseptics. To clean the wound, the antiseptic is needed.
6. Allergy to the sun. Now many people are allergic to the sun. To relieve symptoms, you need to take an antihistamine.

Dear readers, please contact the pharmacy, there is always you will be able to collect the required list of medicines.

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