First Date

Every woman wants to find her prince. That is already a candidate for his role, but your relationship is still undergoing the stage of dating. You could say that you are looking at each other. But this time in its fine because women at that time revealed the most luxurious colors.

But in the end you decided to go on a date. And then the question arises – what to wear. It seems that in the closet a lot of things, and to dress as always nothing. Do not worry so much. You can always find in the wardrobe of a woman what she will look just great.

In this case, the most important thing to decide – where you go. Agree going to the theater and walk in the park it implies a completely different outfits and images.

So, if you go to the park – dress jeans, T-shirt and sneakers. So you will be the most convenient and the legs do not get tired from the long walk.

If you want to visit a performance in the theater, while no high heels and dresses just do.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult to meet for a date. Note, always take warm clothes. In the evening can be cool.

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