Fitness in Winter

Everyone knows that the lifetime is necessary to actively engage in sports. If we talk about the spring, then a lot more people trained in this period. As for the winter, people are sitting in their homes and not go out.

Undoubtedly, this is wrong. Maintain an active lifestyle is necessary throughout life, regardless of the time of year and weather conditions.

So, how to properly engage in sports in the winter on the street?

1. Warm up. It is important to warm up well. This will protect you from injury.
2. Breathing. In winter it is best to wear a mask on the face, so as not to get sick. It will prevent the inhalation of cold air.
3. Clothing. In winter, you need to choose the right clothes. It should not wear a shirt or blouse, but several. There should be a multi-layer effect. This will save you from hypothermia.
4. Drink. In winter, the street is best to use a thermos instead of a bottle. Bottled water can quickly cools, and this can cause a variety of diseases of the throat.
5. Temperature. If the outside temperature falls below 15 degrees Celsius, it is best to carry out training in the gym.

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