Many people faced with such a sensitive issue as the bloating. About this disease is not to say aloud.

So, what its causes are called doctors?

1. Stress. Constant stress and tension can be a cause of flatulence. There will be no stress – no problems. Try to calm down and relax.
2. Improper diet. If a person eats properly, he could face the above problem. Fatty foods may cause disease. But in this case it is necessary to check the liver and gallbladder. The problem may lie in the work of these two bodies.
3. Some products. For example, the use of pea cabbage or can cause such an effect. If a person does not generate a lactase enzyme, which is involved in the digestion of various dairy products.

To cope with the problem, you need to consult a doctor. But people can also help to give yourself some help: drink tea from fennel or mint. These herbs will facilitate the normal operation of the intestine.

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