Fluid in the body can be superfluous

Probably every person at least once in my life felt such a feeling when his legs swelled.

This must necessarily lead to the fact that during the next few hours a person http://www.goods-eu.com/ can not put on his favorite shoes and thus, one has to wear shoes several sizes larger.

But the question immediately arises, and why the body and legs are poured overnight, and where does this extra liquid come from?

It turns out that if a person does not observe a healthy lifestyle, and also can not have a clear control over what he uses for food, from time to time he has to experience unpleasant sensations after the body is poured. Most people blame this on the amount of water drunk, but they are wrong, because in fact, the swelling can be influenced solely by alcohol and any other liquid except pure water. Therefore, it is more correct to determine what actually causes swelling and what this condition depends on.

Causes of puffiness in the body

1) Wrong food. Puffiness is especially noticeable in the morning, if before this evening a person consumed a large amount of salty, fatty, roast, spicy, alcoholic, sauces, smoked and so on. If you follow your diet and always use extremely useful food, you can never know what puffiness is and how it manifests itself. Many women are willing to constantly adhere to dietary restrictions, only to never see bags under your eyes in the morning.
2) Medicinal preparations. During the course of life, each person has to take more than one time medications that can manifest puffiness among other side effects. So, the most commonly used drugs that cause puffiness are antipyretic, high-pressure drugs, as well as contraceptives.
3) Hormonal failure. If the puffiness does not pass for a long time, then it is worth paying attention to the hormonal background of your body, which can cause a significant malfunction. The main symptoms of this disease are swelling, puffiness, weakness, constipation and insomnia. Having all these signs, you need to urgently consult a doctor, so as not to delay to more serious changes in the work of the body.
4) Long sitting. It turns out that office staff, as well as those who have a habit of traveling for a long time in an airplane or bus, are much more likely to have swelling than all other people. Therefore, even if you are forced to spend a lot of time sitting, you need to force yourself to get up every hour and move for at least ten to fifteen minutes.
5) Kidney disease. If in the morning you have swelling and there are problems with urination, then you need to try to find a good specialist as soon as possible, which will help determine at what stage of neglect are the inflammatory processes in your kidneys.
6) Heart problems. At the first signs of swelling of the legs, dyspnea, weakness, pain in the heart, you should immediately seek help from a doctor who can accurately determine how serious problems you have in the body. Therefore, do not delay, and it is better to try to make it as quickly as possible so that an experienced specialist can put the correct diagnosis of this disease.

How to deal with swelling?

There are many ways that reveal the rules of how you can at home, cope with swelling and at the same time, do absolutely no harm to your body. Thus, in order not to lose the opportunity to feel comfortable every day, you just have to try to always properly monitor your diet, and also exercise physical activity in time.

Only in this case, you can achieve success in your health and as soon as possible try to find a compromise with your body, which should feel the care and attention on your part to take part in what is so important for health. Love yourself and then your health, too, will always love to be present in your body.