Folic Acid

Every woman wants to be a mother. This is one of the most critical periods in the life of every woman. To it is necessary to prepare and come with great responsibility

Currently, doctors are the leading countries of the world (USA, Canada) say that pregnancy need to prepare at least three months. It is best to pass the necessary examinations and start drinking folic acid.

Scientists have shown that folic acid is essential for pregnant women, since it is involved in the formation of the neural tube of a child. Now, many are advised to take folic acid preparations.

But let’s see what it contains.

Eat more greens. It is there that it contains the most. It onions, parsley, dill, spinach. A small amount of vitamin found in oatmeal and buckwheat porridge, liver. It should be noted that the heat treatment is destroyed, and the presence in the product is negligible.

As you can see, folic acid is found in many foods. In this regard, only the expectant mother the right to decide to take vitamin complexes with folic acid and adjust the diet.

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