Food and Depression

Everyone at least once in their lives in a state of depression or stress. The state of health is not the most pleasant.

But I want to say that in a bad mood the person is trying to get out of it as soon as possible. Of course, the best and most loyal assistant – it’s food. But here and there is another, no less important issue. What can you eat in a stressful situation? If you eat a lot of sweets, then this can have a negative impact on the figures. And it will be one more reason to get depressed. To avoid this, you need to eat the “right” foods.

1. Berries. You can eat absolutely any berries. They contain a minimum of calories, so over the figure can not be afraid.
2. Fish. Baked fish – another dish permitted under stress. In addition, fatty acids have a positive effect on the nervous system.
3. Oranges. You can safely eat oranges. Their bright color can lift your mood already, and nutrients – will operate from the inside.
4. Almonds. Eating almonds will bring a lot of fun.
5. Chocolate. A little dark chocolate can also eat in a period of depression.

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