Food at the Beach – Be Careful!

Most of us are coming to the beach, immediately buy something yourself to absorb food. Agree, lying on the warm, gentle sand and chew favorite product – this is the height of pleasure and a real “treat” for most people. But do not forget that any food that a person consumes should be carefully studied and evaluated accurately.

If there are serious concerns, your choice – it is actually cooked food that you have brought to the city beach. Another thing is that this option is not for everyone, but there is a way out of the impasse.

Heat – this is the environment that quickly spoils protein products, which include: dairy products, meat products (smoked so it is better not to take), fish products. This priority list, which is better know by heart! It is best to buy tea, juice and eat with dry biscuits, buns or bread. It is a safe list, but not as tasty, but the budget.

Friends, we strongly recommend to approach to the choice of food carefully, and do not eat everything. Be especially careful with children.

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