Food Dependence

I want to say that at present people do not observe the culture of nutrition. It is not easy to eat nutritionally and in a balanced way. It is always easier to eat something in an instant cafe. At this time, no one thinks about the fact that food is harmful and dangerous for health.

So, today I want to talk about products that cause addiction.

1. Potato chips. What can taste better than chips. Probably nothing. Each piece is so delicious and tasty. How do you want to eat more and more. But this is the problem. In the chips add substances that cause a person’s dependence. This explains why you want to buy the product again and again.
2. Pizza. Pizza is the most common dish for snacks. This dish can perfectly satisfy the hunger. However, few people think that it quickly becomes addictive. Oily, salty foods like our receptors.

Refuse from malnutrition. The diet should include more fresh vegetables and boiled products. Only this way you can extend your life.

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